Write! Write! Write!

Finals are finally over, and I can actually focus on things I enjoy doing. With almost a month out of school, I plan to spend my time learning how to get back to the hobbies I’ve abandoned in the past few months. Although I have begun learning how to play the guitar, I haven’t spent much time learning songs. Also, I have completely abandoned the fact that I write stories…and hopefully a novel if I ever sit down and get to work on it.

The plan for break is simple: stay home, start my novel, learn a song or two or more on the guitar. I’m thinking I should probably have a set schedule for this, but it is break! I get enough of having a set schedule when I am actually in school! I think that break is a time to let loose. Or at least a time to relax, sleep as long as I want, and not do something at a specific time.

However, I do think I need to get into the routine of writing at about the same time every day, for the same length of time. But writing is a little like broken faucet, once you turn it on it is about impossible to turn it off. The words just seem to flow, at least for me. Getting into the habit of writing everyday will help me to keep writing even after classes start back in January.

Having not written in so long, it feels like a piece of me is missing. It’s sort of like what happens when you graduate high school. You spend all summer with your best friend making fresh memories to take with you to your separate colleges in the fall. But you talk to them a little throughout the semester, and make plans to catch up and hang out over break because it hasn’t been the same without them. Writing, to me, is like the best friend that has gone off to another college. While I have been able to write essays and a research paper, it is nothing like actually being able to sit down and write whatever comes to mind. This, is why I decided to get back into the habit of writing over break, and I hope that I will be able to make time to continue writing when school starts back in January.

I hate editing my work. Usually when I write something I either, love it and don’t want to get rid of anything, or I hate it and want to throw it away. This has resulted in a lot of the stories I start being left along in a notebook, untouched until I stumble upon them months later when I need clean paper for a new story. It is a terrible, terrible cycle. I always seem to feel absolutely horrible for the stories I find that I have yet to finish. I don’t know why, it isn’t as if they have actual feelings and tell me that they hate me for my abandonment.

At the moment, I have two stories going. One is a sci-fi story, the other is a realistic nonfiction story, and I have no idea how I ended up writing two completely different genres at the same time. That is the thing about my writing though, I can write just about anything as long as I know something about it. Sci-fi and fantasy, I have found, are really fun to write about. You are able to make up everything about the story, from the time period, to the creatures, to the technology, and nothing can be said because of the genre.

I have no idea what I did before I started writing. It has wrapped itself so tightly around my life and everything that I do, that I am pretty sure that I would die if I wasn’t able to write.

It would be like not being able to breathe, if I couldn’t write. It isn’t just about getting my emotions out, either. It’s about getting the stories trapped inside my head out and onto the paper.

That makes me sound a bit crazy, but it’s true. A story doesn’t let you go until you have gotten down on paper what it wants to say. Maybe that’s why I haven’t finished anything aside from short stories. None of the stories I have started have had anything more to say than what I have put onto paper.

I don’t know when I will finish my first novel, but I know that I will have LMU to thank for being able to do it. Without LMU, I would not have the knowledge needed to write a well thought out story. I managed to score high enough on my ACT to land myself in a sophomore English class. My professor was amazing, and helped me become stronger in not only my analytic writing, but my creative writing as well through the books we read in class. The books she assigned definitely influenced the way I write. One book in particular, When the Emperor was Divine  by Julie Otsuka, was a book that was written in such a different way than I was used to seeing. It was very helpful on how I can manipulate the point of view my stories on written in.  I am very grateful for everything this school has offered to me, and I hope that one day I will be able to pay it back to them with the education they have provided.


I hope you have a wonderful holiday and that your finals have gone smoothly! Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and check back every other Monday for a new post!


2 thoughts on “Write! Write! Write!

  1. Don’t ever stop writing! When I was a young man, I had a dream of becoming a columnist. I set that dream aside to pursue a more practical, safe career path, and it is some 20 years later that I’ve taken to writing. I’m quite a bit rusty and the going is slow, but I find it rewarding just the same.


    • First, I am so sorry it has taken me this long to respond! Thank you for your encouragement! I don’t plan to ever stop writing, I just don’t know if I will always be able to make the time to write. I hope that whatever I end up doing in life allows me to write as much as I want, even if it is only journalistic things that I write. I am happy that you have found your way back to writing! I hope you always find joy with it!

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